Date A Live IV
Date A Live IV

Date A Live IV

TrailerWatch PartyHD7.83202224 min/ep

Fourth season of Date A Live. The story begins in the world of Eurasia, where a phenomenon known as a “spatial quake” causes the death of about 150 million people. 30 years after this tragedy, we follow our protagonist Shido Itsuka and the world is still suffering from these quakes, albeit they are much smaller. One day, Shido comes across a mysterious girl at ground zero of a spatial quake. From his adoptive sister, he learns the girl is one of the “Spirits.” Beings from different dimensions that cause these quakes. So Shido is tasked to seal these beings’ powers to save the world. But to do so, he must woo and kiss these girls. And thus begins the journey of our protagonist as he continues to increase his harem of superpowered girls who all try to take Shido for themselves.

Release: 2022



Status: Finished Airing

Scores: 7.83

Duration: 24 min/ep

Quality: HD

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