Fei Ren Zai: Specials
Fei Ren Zai: Specials

Fei Ren Zai: Specials

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Super simple setup. 5 minute long episodes that center around the daily life of mythical creatures, deities and demi-gods who live in modern society in the human form, or a form that mildly reminds humans. The entire series consists of around 1 minute-long gags that show us fractions of the daily lives of our main characters. These follow the overall story line in a manner that makes the overall structure seem closer to continuity than episodic. The events vary greatly from our characters building snowmen in winter scenery to office parties and character specific problems that can only be solved with the help of friends. Most of the events are rather cute and heartwarming while the atmosphere is consistently comforting. That's pretty much the only noteworthy side of the story, and those who don't find this to sound interesting at all, most likely won't find any beauty from it.

Release: 2017

Status: Finished Airing

Scores: 0

Duration: 5 min/ep

Quality: SD

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